British Women Short Story Writers: The New Woman to Now

British Women Short Story Writers:British Women Short Story Writers_The New Woman to Now
The New Woman to Now

July 2015
Edited by Emma Young and James Bailey

Essays tracing the evolving relationship between British women writers and the short story genre from the late Nineteenth Century to the present day


What is the relationship between the British woman writer and the short story? Considering the effect of literary inheritances, societal and cultural change, and shifting publishing demands, this collection traces the evolution of the genre through to its continued appeal to women writing today; from the New Woman to contemporary feminisms, women’s anthologies to micro fiction, and modernist writers to contemporary works.

Key Features

  • A foreword by Ali Smith and 11 chapters discuss a range of gender and genre issues since the fin-de-siècle to the present day
  • Sets out a clear trajectory to map both the historical and literary connections
    and divergences between British women short story writers
  • Offers a comprehensive account of the genre’s development to provide scholars with a unique insight into a largely neglected aspect of women’s writing
  • Includes new readings of canonical authors alongside more recent theoretical approaches, innovations and lesser-discussed writers