The 10th Anniversary Conference of the Contemporary Women’s Writing Association



The 10th Anniversary Conference of the Contemporary Women’s Writing AssociationScreen Shot 2015-07-07 at 18.55.56
University of Brighton /17 October 2015

The deadline is extended to 22 September.

Please send abstracts of no more than 250 words for 20 minute papers by 22 September 2015  via this form<>.

Keynote Speakers
Professor Lucie Armitt (University of Lincoln)
Professor Patricia Duncker (University of Manchester)

The very existence of the term contemporary women’s writing suggests a
relationship as well as a difference, a continuity, and a radical
creative break between women’s writing from the 1960’s and 70’s onwards,
and those works of women writers which came before. Simultaneously it
suggests writing which captures the evolving spirit and concerns of the
twenty first century with experimentation, innovation and speculation.
Contemporary women writers have long explored their present through both
the past and the future, through historical explorations of women¹s
lives and worlds, and through imaginary times ahead. This conference
seeks to ask what has been the big news of the last ten years in
contemporary women’s writing, and what may define it in future decades.
We hope to explore contemporary women writers’ relationships to the past
and the future, their continuities, legacies, radical breaks and
innovations, including – but by no means limited to – the following
topics: historical fiction; utopias / dystopias; feminist genealogies
and generations; gendered temporalities; the politics of (re)writing the
past and of imagining the future; women’s science fiction and fantasy;
new genres/ new forms; the future of feminist literary criticism;
writing in an age of crisis; defining the contemporary; women’s writing
and the new technologies; women’s writing and the literary market place.

Please send abstracts of no more than 250 words for 20 minute papers by
22 September 2015 via this form<>.

The registration fees for this event will be £45 for salaried delegates;
£30 for students and unsalaried delegates.

*** LECTURE ***


16 October 2015
4-5PM, Falmer Campus, University of Brighton

Your are warmly invited to this talk by the founder of the Contemporary
Women’s Writing Association, Professor Mary Eagleton, who will be
speaking to staff and students at the University of Brighton. There is
no registration fee for this event.

You are welcome to join us for a meal after this talk at 7PM at
Marroccos on the Brighton/ Hove seafront. Please let us know via this
if you’d like to join us for the talk and/or the dinner.


The Contemporary Women’s Writing Network was founded in 2005 through a
call by Mary Eagleton. It has evolved into the international
Contemporary Women’s Writing Association with a lively Postgraduate
Contemporary Women’s Writing Network (PG CWWN) and a planned
Australasian chapter, a prize-winning CWW journal, an annual prize for
the best essay, conference prizes, and other scholarly recognition.
During 2012-4 Lucie Armitt and the CWWA ran a postgraduate skills
programme for early-career researchers, funded by the AHRC. There is
support for reading groups, author-focused conferences, and small
events. This conference is a way of reassessing our work within CWW and
the status of the field more generally, and celebrating and planning the
future of the Association.