Could you be our new Conference Officer? Opportunity to Join the CWWA Executive Committee in 2017

Dear all,
There is another opportunity to join the CWWA executive committee in
2017. We warmly invite interested members to stand for election as our
Conference Officer. According to the constitution, any member of the
CWWA can stand for a role in the Exec.
The duties and scope of this role will be as follows:
•    Generating ideas for conferences in consultation with members and
the executive committee, and compiling a list of possible conferences to
take place at a regular time annually.
•    Researching venues and organisations to partner with in hosting
•    Working with the Treasurer and Fundraising Officer to prepare
budgets and identify sources of funding.
•    Attending regular executive committee meetings and giving updates
on activities.
There is also still plenty of time to stand for the roles of Secretary
and Treasurer:
•    Organising regular Executive Committee meetings and the AGM.
•    Taking meeting minutes, distributing these to the Executive
Committee and membership where appropriate, and collating other
documents and records.
•    Replying to members’ queries and making arrangements for the AGM.
•    Assisting the Chair in overall management of the Association.
•    Supporting other activities and projects as required.
•    Managing all aspects of CWWA finances including a Bank account,
Debit card and Paypal account.
•    Producing invoices and receipts, sending and receiving cheques,
payment of invoices and other outstanding dues of CWWA in a timely and
efficient manner.
•    Liaising with the Membership Officer to monitor membership
subscriptions and payments.
•    Producing regular financial updates to the Executive Committee
including an Annual Report to be received at the AGM.
•    Working with the Chair to project annual expenditure and identify
additional investment opportunities that benefit the membership base.
•    Contributing to the Executive Committee, with a particular focus on
the financial viability of new projects and events.
Get in touch with me if you would like to stand for any position, no
later than MONDAY 12 JUNE 2017, please. Elections to these roles will
take place at our AGM in July, taking place during the English Shared
Futures conference.
For the latest news on our activities, further details about the CWWA’s
constitution and composition, and different roles on the exec, please
see our website, Facebook and Twitter pages:
If you have any questions at all or you would like to learn more about
what is involved in any position, please feel free to contact me
( and our Chair, Rachel Carroll
( for further information.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Best wishes,
Leanne Bibby