French Women’s Writing

Atack, M. & Powrie, P., 1990. Contemporary French Fiction by Women: Feminist Perspectives. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

A challenging collection of feminist essays that explore the political effect of narrative discourse and symbolism in the representation of women in writing.

Fallaize, E., 1993. French Women Writing Recent Fiction. Basingstoke: Macmillan Press.

This text examines the production of women writers in France since the 1970s. A useful introduction to the cultural conditions in which French women writers are situated.

Jordan, S. A., 2004. Contemporary French Women’s Writing: Women’s Visions, Women’s Voices, Women’s Lives. Oxford: Peter Lang.

Jordan explores the significance and impact of six influential French women writers: Marie Darrieussecq, Virginie Despentes, Adja Ndeye Ndiaye, Agnes Desarthe, Jacque Nobecourt and Améle Nothumb. Contains an excellent introductory chapter on the issues facing women writers in France.

Rye, G., 2001. Reading for Change: Interactions Between Text and Identity in Contemporary French Women’s Writing (Baroche, Cixous, Constant). Oxford: Peter Lang.

Rye uses a range of feminist theories to explore reading as a process for change.

Rye, G. & Tarr, C., 2006. Focalizing the Body in Contemporary Women’s Writing and Filmmaking in France. Nottingham French Studies, 45: 3.

A unique collection of essays that focus on the diverse representations and meanings of the body in French writing (and film).

Rye, G., & Worton, M., 2002. Women Writing in France: New Writers, New Literatures in the 1990s. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

An analysis of a number of French authors and texts in light of trends and issues in France. Includes biographies on sixteen women writers, a number of interviews and critical essays.

Tilby, M. ed., 1990. Beyond the Nouveau Roman: Essays on the Contemporary French Novel. Oxford: Berg. An exploration of the notion of “noveau-romanciers” and the contemporary writers associated with this genre. Includes consideration of some female writers including Marguerite Yourcenar, Marguerite Duras and Monique Wittig.

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