Gender and Sexuality

Abel, E., 1992. Writing and Sexual Difference. Sussex: The Harvester Press.

A book that features on many bibliographies. Abel provides an incredibly useful overview of issues concerning writing and sexuality.

Garber, M., 1992. Vested Interests: Cross Dressing and Cultural Anxiety. New York and London. One of few critical overviews of cross-dressing across a range of media with in-depth discussion of cross-dressing in literature.

Harris, A. L., 2000. Other Sexes: Rewriting difference from Woolf to Winterson. New York: New York University Press.

An examination of the ways in which gender, sex and sexuality proliferate and multiply in women’s writing. Is mostly focused on pre-1970 writers, but has a good chapter on Jeanette Winterson with regard to feminist ethics.

Radstone, S. ed., 1988. Sweet Dreams: Sexuality, Gender and Popular. Fiction London: Lawrence and Wishart.

A compelling text that explores the ‘new’ space for feminist, gay and lesbian novels between literature and popular, and the contribution of these texts to debates on sexual and gendered identities.

Richardson, D., 2000. Rethinking Sexuality. London: Sage Publications Ltd.

An exploration of new and current scholarly approaches to examine sex and sexuality through political and theoretical debates. Informative for students exploring these themes in contemporary literature.

Robinson, S., 1991. Engendering the Subject: Gender and Self-representation in Contemporary Women’s Fiction. New York: State University of New York.

An examination of feminist critical theory and women’s fiction in relation to the female subject as she is engendered in discourse. Includes specific essays on Doris Lessing and Angela Carter.