Irish Women’s Writing

Foggarty, A., 2002. “The Horror of the Unlived Life: Mother-Daughter Relationship in Contemporary Irish Women’s Fiction” In Giorgio, A. ed. Writing Mothers and Daughters: Renegotiating the Mother in Western Europe Narratives by Women. Oxford: Berghenn Books, 2002, pp. 85-118.

An excellent and accessible account of the hidden obscurities of the mother-daughter bond in contemporary Irish fiction.

Harle, L. & Parker, M. eds., 2000. Contemporary Irish Fiction: Themes, Tropes and Theories. Basingstoke, Hampshire: Macmillan.

A superb introductory overview that explores the diverse range of contemporary Irish fiction. Includes writing on male and female writers and has a good chapter on Emma Donoghue.

St. Peter, C., 2000. Changing Ireland: Strategies in Contemporary Women’s Fiction. Basingstoke: Macmillan Press.

An important text for contemporary Irish women’s fiction that charts the changing shape of the literary landscape for Irish writers.

Wilson, R. E., & Somerville Arjat, G., 1990. Sleeping with Monsters: Conversations with Scottish and Irish Women Poets. Edinburgh: Polygon.

A collection of interviews with twenty-two women writers focusing on gender and femininity and topics such as the female form, muses and monsters, race, class and nationality.

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