Scottish Women’s Writing

Christianson, A. & Lumsden, A., 2000. Contemporary Scottish Women Writers. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

A rare collection that looks at a range of female poets, playwrights and novelists since 1970. This excellent book covers a broad range of Scottish writers including Muriel Spark, A. L. Kennedy, Carol Ann Duffy, Jackie Kay and Emma Tennant. Also has an excellent bibliography on female writers that are not included in the collection.

Craig, C., 1999. The Modern Scottish Novel: Narrative and the National Imagination. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

An analysis of the development of Scottish novels set in the Scottish intellectual tradition. Thematically ordered, this book includes in-depth reference to A. L. Kennedy, Muriel Spark and Emma Tennant.

Gilford, D. & McMillan, D. eds., 1997. A History of Scottish Women Writers. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

An extensive volume comprising 40 essays that looks at Scottish women’s writing from a range of gender-based, critical and theoretical perspectives.

March, C. L., 2002. Rewriting Scotland: Welsh, McLean, Warner, Banks, Galloway and Kennedy. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

An examination of several influential Scottish writers which, as the title suggests, includes discussion of Janice Galloway and A.L. Kennedy.

Murray, I. & Tait, B., 1984. Ten Modern Scottish Novels. Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press.

Reflections on a range of key influential Scottish novels that includes two good essays on Fiona MacColla and Muriel Spark.

Wallace, G. & Stevenson, R. eds., 1993. The Scottish Novel Since the Seventies. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

A critical assessment of the development of the Scottish novel. Includes essays on Muriel Spark and Jane Galloway and discussion on Emma Tennant and has an excellent bibliography.

White, C., 1995. Gendering the Nation: Studies in Modern Scottish Literature. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

A compelling and insightful analysis of contemporary Scottish fiction comprising feminist, queer and gender based examinations of Scottish nationality and its portrayal in fiction.

White, C., 2004. Modern Scottish Poetry. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

A collection of poems in chronological order (over the twentieth century) reflecting on a reassessment of ‘Scottishness’. Includes significant discussion of post 1970s poetry by women.