Postcolonial Women’s Writing

Blunt, A. & Roe, G. eds., 1994. Writing Women and Space: Colonial and Postcolonial Geographies. New York: The Guildford Press.

A challenging text that explores how feminism and poststructuralism can develop understandings of geographical knowledge. Blunt and Roe use a plethora of women’ writing to explore their arguments.

Boehmer, E., 2005. Stories of Women: Gender and Narrative in the Postcolonial Nation. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

An accessible exploration of gender, class and race in colonial and post-colonial women’s writing.

Gilbert, B. M. 2005. “Postcolonialism and “The Figure of the Jew”: Caryl Phillips and Zadie Smith” In Acheson, J & Ross, S. C. E., The Contemporary British Novel, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, pp. 106-117.

An examination of postcolonial literary interests in the dispersal of indigenous peoples by imperial powers alongside similar attacks on the Jewish community over the last 2000 years.

Gopinath, G.. 2005. Impossible Desires: Queer Diasporas and South Asian Public Cultures. Durham: Duke University Press.

This book brings queer theory to the ideas of diaspora. Focusing on queer female diasporic subjectivity, this text includes consideration of works by Monica Ali and Shani Mootoo.

Grewal, I. & Kaplan, C. eds., 1994. Scattered Hegemonies: Postmodernity and Transnational Feminist Practices. Minneapolis: The University of Minnesota Press.

This collection examines the intersections of feminism, colonial and postcolonialism, modernism and postmodernism, to explore problems in feminist theory. A challenging but thought-provoking book.

Lewis, R. & Mills, S. eds., 2003. Feminism and Postcolonial Theory: A Reader. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Though not explicitly focused on contemporary women’s writing, this excellent volume comprises key writing on the impact of colonialism and post-colonialism on discourses of gender.

Rutherford, A., Jenson, L. & Chew, S. eds., 1994. Into the Nineties: Post-Colonial Women’s Writing. Kunappi: Dungaroo Press.

A collection of critical essays by international women writers surveying the development of contemporary literature in their respective societies and cultures.

Wisker, G., 2002. Post Colonial and African American Women’s Writing: A Critical Introduction. New York: St Martin’s.

A useful critical introduction to gender and culture in the work of a number of women writers including Toni Morrison, Alice Walker and Margaret Atwood.